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Used Caravans


2008 Swift Charisma 620 - $38,900

A tandem axle fixed bed caravan loaded with extras self containment, solar panel, onboard fresh tank, NZ Satelite, TV, Full Cover and good quality second hand awning


2007 Compass Rambler 19/4 - $28,900

The is a fixed bed caravan on a single axle. A recent trade in with solar panel and self containment


2008 Bailey Senator Wyoming - $37,900

This a tandem axle 4 berth with a fixed bed caravan with loads of room and an end bathroom


2009 Swift Charisma 220 - $23,900

A lovely, easy to tow, compact two berth.

2009 Swift Challenger 580 - $37,900

A recent trade in of an island bed caravan on a single axle with satelite and dometic wind out awning, newly upholstered


2014 Swift Ace Pioneer - $43,900

This popular twin axle six berth boasts plenty of room for the whole family.


2013 Bailey Olympus 620/6 - $44,900

A stylish six berth with a fixed made by Bailey with Alutech construction
(please note - we are awaiting a new shower tray for this van)


2012 Sprite Musketeer - $30,500

A 5 berth caravan loaded with extras of self containment, solar panel and a wineguard satelite

2017 Lunar Alaria TS - $69,900

A tandem axle twin single bed caravan loaded with extras, self levels, has two solar panels, fiamma pull out awning, coloured LED lights, two small on board tanks, NZ Sat wind up Satelite and a motor mover


2008 Lunar Quasar 462 - $19,900

A two berth with end bathroom


2010 Bailey Pageant Provence - $32,900

Popular five berth with parallel seating at the front and rear of the van.


2011 Sprite Musketeer - $28,900

Five berth with parallel front seating and side dining at the rear.


2009 Coachman Amara 520/4 - $28,900

A four berth with a side diner and end bathroom

2019 Bailey Phoenix 640 - $56,900

The highly sought after Bailey Phoenix 640 is a stylish modern caravan made with the Alutech construction. Loaded with extras - solar, self contained, TV, portable Satelite, towing cover


2003 Compass Corona 524 - $20,900

A four berth with a side diner and end bathroom


2008 Bailey Senator Louisiana - $37,900

Tandem axle north south island bed with parallel seating at the front and a side bathroom.

2013 Elddis Rambler - $48,900

A four berth tandem Axle with fixed bed on the near side of the caravan. Side kitchen and full end bathroom.


2011 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona - $47,900

Tandem Axle Four berth with fixed double bed, side kitchen and full end wash room.

2011 Bailey Unicorn Seville - $34,900

Modern two berth with parallel seating at the front and a full end washroom.

2010 Bailey Pegasus 462 - $29,900

Very nice modern two berth, with Parallel seating at the front and a full end wash-room.


2009 Swift Challenger 480 - $28,900

Nice two berth with parallel seating at the front and full end bathroom at the rear of the van.


2011 Elddis Avante 554 - $34,900

Four berth Family Caravan with one sets of single bed bunks at the rear of the van and Parallel seating at the front.


2016 Elddis Supreme 550 - $47,900

Single axle caravan with Island bed at the rear of the van. Side Kitchen and Parallel front seating.

2014 Buccaneer Caravel - $57,900

This lovely twin axle Island bed caravan has parallel seating at the front, nice side kitchen and a middle bathroom. Has electric roof light snd a solar panel

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