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2010 Coachman Pastiche 460 - $34,900

This is stylish two berth with an end bathroom

2008 Oxford Road Master - $67,900

A tandem axle NZ made Oxford with an island bed layout. It has 90 litres fresh, 180 litres grey onboard tanks, auto sat and TV, wind out fiamma awning

2013 Sterling Eccles Topaz - $47,900

A two berth caravan with an end bathroom

2010 Bessacarr Cameo 525 - $43,900

This is an upmarket three berth caravan with a side diner configuration

2013 Bessacarr Cameo 495 - $47,900

This is a beautifully finished two berth caravan with a high end look


2018 Sprite Major 4EB - $55,900

This is a single axle north south island bed caravan in lovely condition


2006 Ai liner - $19,900

Do you have limited space but want a caravan? This wee hard top pop top might be the solution
It is self contained and has solar, onboard tanks

2009 Bessacarr Cameo 495 - $38,900

A high end two berth caravan thats is super tidy. It has t he option of having parallel front seating or the additional squabs to make it a U Shape

2010 Bailey Pegasus 624 - $53,900

These tandem axle fixed bed baileys are always popular with alutech construction and the U shape seating, good for large families or entertaining

2013 Adria Altea Tay - $43,900

A compact four berth caravan with a fixed bed. These Solvenia built caravans are known for their quality

2004 Bailey Pageant Monarch - $24,900

Price Reduction ! was $27,900
A tidy two berth caravan with an end bathroom


2011 Swift Challenger 530 - $42,900

This challenger is a four berth caravan on a single axle with a side diner configuration


2008 Swift Charisma 230 - $28,900

A tidy two berth caravan with an end bathroom


2009 Elddis Crusader Superstorm - $45,900

This is a tandem axle 6 berth caravan with seating at front and rear of the caravan

2011 Bailey Unicorn Seville - $40,900

Recent trade in
This beautifully finished two berth is very tidy and has the addition of self containment, NZ Sat wind up satelite

2017 Swift Challenger 560 - $63,900

This single axle caravan has the ever popular north south island bed

2013 Sprite Alpine 4 - $44,900

A single axle caravan with a fixed bed to the side and a combined wetroom. Ideal for those who dont want a large caravan to tow but want the comforts of a permanent bed

2007 Abbey Safari 495 - $37,900

A single axle caravan with a fixed to the side and combined wetroom


2013 Bailey Pegasus Rimini GTS65 - $49,900

Thisis a buy back caravan is wonderful condition and loaded with extras! Twin singles four berth that has self containment, solar, towing cover and fiamma pull out veranda awning

2014 Swift Challenger SE - $47,900

A very tidy two berth caravan with a end bathroom - Alde Heating and a factory fitted solar

2009 Ace Award Tristar - $44,900

This recent trade in is super tidy and offers the ever popular island bed configuration. It is self contained to NZMCA standard and has a solar panel


2007 CI Munro Oxford Road Cruiser - $57,900

NZ made Oxford tandem axle caravan with a fixed bed

2012 Bailey Pegasus Rimini - $47,900

This is a popular layout four berth with permanent twin single beds

2016 Lunar Venus 620 - $59,900

A tandem axle 6 berth with a fixed bed. This recent trade in has solar, self containment and s/h full sized awning

2010 Lunar Ariva 400 - $33,900

Winter Price Reduction -was $35,900
This is a super tidy compact 2 berth caravan with the end kitchen


2001 Coachman Atlantia - $23,900

A four berth caravan with a good sized end bathroom

2013 Swift Lifestyle Hi Style - $53,900

This is a fixed bed four berth with a bed to the side and an end bathroom

2008 Coachman Laser 645 - $49,900

WAS $51,900
A super tidy tandem axle caravan that has twin single beds and a high quality finish

2013 Bailey Unicorn Madrid - $47,900

This four berth has the high quality finish we expect from a Bailey Unicorn. A roomy caravan with a stylish interior

2010 Elddis Avante - $41,900

A recent local buy - this four berth with a side diner configuration comes with self containment, portable solar


2017 Elddis Sanremo 554 - $57,900

This is the highly sought after east west island bed configuration in a very tidy caravan


2014 Buccaneer Caravel - $66,900

A high specifiation finish tandem axle caravan with an island bed

2018 Coachman Vision 630 - $67,900

A very smart and modern tandem axle 5 berth caravan

2008 Abbey Spectrum - $39,900

This is a four berth caravan with a bed to side and a combined wetroom

2011 Lunar Ultima - $35,900

A two berth caravan with a full end bathroom


2010 Bailey Pegasus 534 - $43,900

A recent buy back that is very tidy and has the popular U shape front seating

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