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2010 Swift Challenger 580 - $35,900

A lovely and sought after North South island bed caravan on a single axle

2014 Swift Ace Pioneer - T.B.A.

This popular twin axle six berth boasts plenty of room for the whole family.

2003 Ace Jubilee Diplomat - $18,900

A compact 2 berth that is ideal for those who only want a small van or have a limited towing capacity

2018 Bailey Unicorn Cartegena - T.B.A.

The ever popular and beautifully finished Cartegena with island bed

2008 Lunar Quasar 462 - T.B.A.

A two berth with end bathroom

2012 Bailey Pegasus Ancona - $38,900

A lovely 6 berth with plenty of room for all the family

2010 Bailey Pageant Provence - T.B.A.

Popular five berth with parallel seating at the front and rear of the van.

2011 Bailey Unicorn Barcelona - $47,900

Tandem Axle Four berth with fixed double bed, side kitchen and full end wash room.

2011 Bailey Unicorn Seville - $34,900

Modern two berth with parallel seating at the front and a full end washroom.

2008 Sprite Alpine - $19,900

A tidy two berth with a modern and light feel

2008 Lunar Ultima 640 - $37,900

Twin Axle with parallel seating at the front. Fixed double bed on the near side of the van and full end wash room.

2009 Bailey Ranger - $28,900

Four berth with a fixed bed on the far side of the van. Parallel seating at the front. Side Kitchen

2018 ACE Globetrotter - $48,500

Modern Four berth with a North-South island bed at the rear of the van
Parallel seating offers room for entertaining.

2016 Bailey Unicorn Vigo - $51,900

Single axle caravan with parallel seats at the front. Permanent east west island bed. Nice end Washroom.

2010 Sterling Eccles Jewel - $29,900

Four berth single axle caravan with Fixed bed on the near side of the van.
Parallel setting at the front of the van.

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