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2007 Elddis Avante 362 - $25,900

A small two berth caravan with an end kitchen. This van is ideal for those folks who dont have a large vehicle to tow or limited storage space

2007 Coachman Festival 450/2 - $26,900

A lovely two berth with a large end bathroom.

2020 Coachman 575 VIP - $61,900

A stunning single axle east west island bed with a high spec finish

2008 Bailey Senator Louisiana - $42,900

This is a tandem axle caravan with a north south island bed at the rear and a side bathroom

2005 Geist 550 - $27,900

A well made compact caravan with a fixed bed to the side

2018 Swift Eccles 635 - $65,900

This is a beautiful looking caravan both inside and out. A tandem axle island bed that wont last long. It has alde heating and high end finish

2015 Bailey Unicorn Vigo - T.B.A.

The high specifcation model of the unicorn , this single axle island bed wont last long

2008 Swift Jura - $26,900

This is a single axle two berth caravan with an end bathroom

2019 Sprite Quattro EB - $63,900

A tandem axle north south island bed caravan with a modern look and super tidy

2012 Swift Challenger 580 - $48,900

A lovely single axle with a light and airy feeling

2014 Elddis Supreme 462 - $38,900

A modern end bathroom two berth with plenty of storage.

2008 Lunar Quasar FB - $38,900

A tandem axle six berth caravan with built in bunks and loads of space

2021 Bailey Discovery D4 - $49,990

a brand new 4 berth caravan that is super compact, light weight and easy to maneuver. The silver body and curvy shape makes this van one to stand out with style.
The head room is 6 foot 5 and the front A frame is perfect for fitting a bike rack This caravan is the ultimate small touring van

2008 Coachman Pastiche 530/4 - $36,900

This is a four berth caravan with a fixed bed to the side and a rear bathroom

2009 Bailey Senator California - $37,900

The sought after u-shaped seating and fixed bed configuration

2004 Abbey GTS 216 - $24,900

A tidy two berth with an end bathroom

2011 Elddis Avante 515 - $43,900

A stylish 5 berth that is suitable for a family or couples who want to have one end made up into a bed and the other end for lounging

2003 Abbey GTS Vogue 212 - $22,900

A small two berth caravan with an end kitchen

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